How Do You Get Your Earnings & Points?

We know you get tried of hearing us ask for registration papers and membership cards. But, you want to get the earnings and points that you win. Here’s why it is SO important. If we can’t send it in, you don’t get credit.

Show results are emailed to NCHA. We usually email them each day following a show. Then we have five days to get our hard copies to NCHA to verify the results. NCHA does not post any results until they process the hard copies. We can’t send any hard copies until we have everyone’s papers. Many show results are held here for days waiting to get a fax or email from someone who doesn’t have their papers. If it just affected those folks we wouldn’t worry. But it affects everyone. One person can delay the whole show’s results.

So please, be sure you bring the following when you come:

  • Registration papers AND transfer on any new horse
  • NCHA membership cards (owner & rider) first time to show here.
  • A check for Mid South Shows, North MS Shows & Practice Pen