Rules for Arena One Winter Circuit Limited Age Event


        The following rules will govern “Winter Circuit Limited Age Event” to be held at Arena One December 28, 2015 – January 2, 2016.

Winter Circuit will offer two classes each day: Open & Unlimited Amateur, or Non Pro & $50,000 Amateur.  There will be one go and clean slate finals in each class.  Class must have 25 entries to have working finals. Twenty-five percent plus ties will advance to finals.  There is a $100 advancement fee.  The finals will pay 100% of the payout.  Everyone who advances to finals will receive a payout of at least their entry cost.  Finals will be held the same night following go-round.

Entries in the $5,000, $4,000, & $3,000 added LAE will be limited to 120 contestants per day.   Entries for those events close 5:00pm December 20, 2015.  If either of the classes for each day do not fill by close of entries, remaining slots will be added to other class scheduled for that day.

If classes do not fill, late entries will be accepted until 5:00pm December 26, 2015.  Late entries will pay a $250 late fee ($50 to pot, $200 to OC.)

All classes will be drawn on Sunday December 27 at 2:00pm.  All changes must be made before posting of draw.

Entries for the $500 added LAE and weekend classes will be made the day of the show.

Both Owner & Rider must be 2016 member of NCHA and North Mississippi CHA.


Practice cattle will be available Sunday, December 27.  Reservations for Sunday practice must be made by 12/22/15.


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